Posted by: stevedeem | July 15, 2008

A Unique Diving Experience

Preparing for a checkout dive

Preparing for a checkout dive

Mention scuba and most people think of magnificent coral reefs and
beautiful tropical fish.  Few, if any, would automatically think of the
spring-fed quarries scattered throughout Pennsylvania and what an
opportunity they would be missing.  Guppy Gulch has been the home for
training and recreational divers in southeastern Pennsylvania for nearly
two decades.  Fresh water, no currents, lots of fish and friendly fellow
divers.  Hundreds of people have had their first scuba experience at
Guppy Gulch.  Maybe you are one of them.  Share your thoughts and


  1. Steve and the staff at Guppy were wonderful.
    I brought 5 boys plus 1 other adult to get scuba
    certified. The staff made it possable for us to do
    the different activities after our scuba class. Our
    week was amazing. I will surely be back with my
    troop and fellow divers to enjoy. Thanks again
    Guppy staff. See you all again soon

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