Guppy Gulch’s location in picturesque Delta, Pennsylvania is convenient for recreational SCUBA divers, instructors and students from the mid-Atlantic states. Heck, you could even fly into Baltimore-Washington International Airport from almost anywhere in the world and then drive a rental car to the Gulch in just over an hour.

Here is a list of driving time and distances from various cities.

Bel Air, MD 16 miles 28 minutes
York, PA 29 miles 50 minutes
Baltimore, MD 43 miles 59 minutes
Wilmington, DE 59 miles 1 hour, 14 mins.
Harrisburg, PA 60 miles 1hour, 23 mins.
Reading, PA 62 miles 1 hour, 25 mins.
Annapolis, MD 69 miles 1 hour, 26 mins.
Rockville, MD 88 miles 1 hour, 44 mins.
Vineland, NJ 95 miles 2 hours
Chestertown. MD 78 miles 2 hours, 4 mins.
Trenton, NJ 125 miles 2 hours, 21 mins.
Salisbury, MD 144 miles 3 hours, 9 mins.
New York, NY 179 miles 3 hours, 9 mins.
St. Mary’s City, MD 138 miles 3 hours, 13 mins.
Frostburg, MD 196 miles 3 hours, 32 mins.


Directions from I-95

  • Traveling on I-95 
  • take route 543 Northwest;
  • travel 17.8 miles, at the end of route 543, turn right onto route 165 North;
  • travel 2.6 miles, at the first light, turn right onto route 136 South;
  • travel 0.3 miles, turn left onto Main Street and,
  • after 2.2 miles, turn right onto Pendyrus Road and proceed 0.2 miles.
  • The road to Guppy Gulch is at the top of the hill.
  • Do not turn left: go straight down the hill.
  • The entrance to Guppy Gulch is on the left at the bottom of the hill.

Enjoy your drive and we’ll see you there.If you get lost, call us at (717) 456-7535.

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